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Turn-Key Automated Speed Enforcement 


Smarter Enforcement for Safer Roads

SafeBright Solutions transforms driver behavior - utilizing advanced LIDAR systems to provide turn-key automated speed enforcement solutions resulting in safer communities

Violation Capture

Our camera captures violators in Full HD (1080P) day/night in any weather condition.


The system uses advanced LIDAR sensors, not radar, to precicely target speeding vehicles. 

Violation Validation

Once violations are captured and have been confirmed as valid by SafeBright reviewers, violations are sent to local Peace Officers for additional validation. 

Our web-based software allows Peace Officers to validate violations quickly and securly from anywhere.

Citation Processing

SafeBright handles the full citation lifecyle - including mailing, payment processing, and funds collection. 

Our online portal allows violators to pay securely, anytime from anywhere.

Data Review

SafeBright conducts speed studies to measure traffic patterns before and after solution implementation to measure program effectiveness. 


These studies communicate program value and enhance community education. 

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Smarter Enforcement for Safer Roads

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